Night-time illustration of person opening hoodie to reveal broken heart with life growing from it
"The broken heart can cover more territory". adrienne maree brown
 Could our attachment to wholeness, to righteousness and certainty, be closing us off to possibilities and forces way 'beyond the fences'* of our rigid ideologies, limited language and colonised thinking patterns?
 Linear theories of change seem to oversimplify and erase connection, chaos, intra-actions, entanglements, spirit. How wan we embrace 'emergent strategy'?
Maybe there is something in this 'letting go' that some of us have been resisting. Maybe we can get a-way with getting lost. Allowing ourselves to feel the despair of these troubled times, of all times, knowing we cannot MANufacture easy solutions.
Could we allow ourselves to admit we may not arrive at the promised land of justice in our lifetimes, accepting we can still share together a hell of a ride. Could we even conceive of enjoying it?
Could we allow ourselves to feast on the bitter-sweet taste of not knowing?
May we allow ourselves to break open like seeds, and be receptive to what may flourish.
Reflections after participating in the Wilds Beyond Climate Justice, an online gathering organised by The Emergence Network

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