​​​​​​​Logo and visual identity design
COP26 Coalition logo with that text, four characters standing on the O and two birds flying. The logo is colourful and is on a mustard colour background. Graphic design for good causes.
Same logo as above but on a mustard coloured flame shape, on a blue background
COP26 Coalition text only logo version in black and in white
Colour palette with codes: mustard, black, blue, khaki teal, red, brown, oak. And font: exo family
The four characters representing different sectors and groups involved in the coalition: one holding a wrench, one holding a brush, one holding a flag, and one sitting holding a megaphone
Later, COP26 commissioned mee to create the identity for For the Ground Up, an online gathering for Climate Justice, expanding on their existing branding.
Climate justice event square poster with black letters on teal and red background

Instagram promotion post

Landscape event promotion poster, teal and red background, black and white letters

Facebook event cover image

Poster for event featuring Sonia Guajajara, an Indigenous woman, with a red and teal background

Instagram speaker promotion post

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