Collaboration with Juliana Vélez.

Photograph of exhibition materials: a poster, two laser cut shapes, and information sheet, on top of a shelf with the words Juliana x Marcela
A series of concentric circles and concentric triangles, laser cut unto wood. The circle represents feminism, the triangle patriarchy
Exhibition poster with concentric blue triangles (Patriarchy) and red circles (feminism); exploring the interlocked societal structures that shape how humans relate to the world and one another
Piece created for Man Made Disaster, an exhibition organised by Do the Green Thing. 
This work explores the relationship between dominant societal structures centred on patriarchy, and the climate crisis. It invites us to challenge narrow approaches to change that overlook the systemic nature of this problem; it is not by coincidence but by design, that we have reached this level of exploitation of people and the planet. 
We propose a feminist vision for what an alternative, truly transformational and sustainable system could look like, and the structures that could underpin it; we also highlight the incompatibility between the two systems. 
Our work is inspired by discourses of radical love, liberation, intersectionality and climate justice; as well as Indigenous cosmovisions, where humans are understood to be part of, not above nature.

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