Intervention in "Public A-I-R" festival in Ujazdowski Castle, Warzaw under the theme of alternative economies and sharing of knowledge.
Participants in Wymianii Historii (which means History Exchange in Polish) were invited to write a story in a postcard, and their addresses in a separate envelope. The postcards were randomly matched with envelopes and sent to each person who participated. 
The workshop was inspired by visits to World War 2 museums and sites, and conversations with local people.  We were also interested in exploring resourceful and sustainable ways of creating, both from an environmental and an economic scarcity perspective. All the materials used for the intervention - from recycled paper, to beetroot ink and moss stamps - were sourced from the castle and grounds.
Collaboration between Anna Balázs, Charlotte Downs, Yoohyun Lee, Alexander Smilansky and Marcela Terán.
Photograph of installation
Photograph of person writing a story using the beetroot ink 1
Photograph of person writing a story using the beetroot ink 2
Photograph of person writing her address on an envelope
Moss stamps and beetroot ink pads
Beetroot ink and moss stamps
Installation infographics
Photo of collaborators making recycled paper
Process: making recycled paper for the postcards
Photograph of ink tests
Process: Anna's natural ink experiments
Photograph of received envelope
Back in London a few days after the festival I was excited to receive a postcard with someone else's story, wonderering who might have received mine.

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