Artist: Jason deCaires Taylor  |  Creative production: Marcela Terán, Greenpeace UK
Plasticide is a collaboration between underwater sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor and Greenpeace UK.
The sculpture was conceived by Jason deCaires Taylor specifically for a non-violent direct action that would launch Greenpeace's campaign calling on Coca-Cola to stop choking our oceans. I was the creative lead on this project, liaising with the artist and his company.
Reflecting the distinctive style and political nature of Jason’s underwater installations, the sculpture weighs two and a half tonnes and features life-size human figures, including a cast of the artist’s daughter. It also incorporates recovered ocean plastics. 
I managed the installation of the sculpture outside the National Theatre in London, facing the river Thames, where it was viewed and experienced by thousands.
Plasticide sculpture outside entrance to Coca-Cola's HQ in London
We then installed Plasticide on the front door of Coca-Cola's HQ in London, where it fulfilled its mission. Bridging the worlds of arts and activism, this sculpted blockade confronted Coca-Cola with their responsibility for their plastic footprint.
This action also served as the launch of a world-wide Greenpeace campaign that has led to Coca-Cola making some important commitments on plastics.

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